Awaken Your Elves Gift Codes

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awaken your elves gift codes

Hi game lovers, the latest awaken your elves gift codes can be found in this post. For all the adventure gamers out there, if you want the code awaken your elves, then be sure to read the table given below in the post. The table format will prove convenient for you while filling out the codes.

Being played around the world, this game has more than 1 lakh downloads done via Google Playstore. The current version of the game is available in early access mode. Developers keep providing awaken your elves codes to their users with new updates so that users can easily get exclusive gifts while playing the game. 

This game is total fun. The gift code awaken your elves will help you in redeeming gold, diamond, and other unique gift cards while you compete with other players in the game. So if you want adventure in life, don’t forget to play this game once and you will become a fan of it.

Awaken Your Elves Gift Codes List

To get the awaken your elves codes, we are providing a separate list here. The list contains the gift codes column and redeem rewards column. Make sure that when you are copy-pasting or typing the code in the game, you do no mistake. We have provided a comment section where you can add any new codes you have with you or share any problem you face.

Awaken Your Elves Gift CodesRedeem Rewards
Power77777Redeem this code to get diamonds and summon tickets
Power12345Redeem this code to get 100 diamonds and summon tickets
Pokemon777Redeem this code to get 25 Summon tickets
Summon7777Use this code to get free gold coins in the awaken your elves game
BEFPS9PYSGRedeem this code to get free gold coins in the game
T5SN4HARXVThis code gives gold, diamond, and summon tickets
Get exclusive gifts with this code
fcastgc reach VIP1 level to use it
5y3dpfbn89 reach VIP5 level to use it
5hevnnx4rk reach VIP8 level to use it
3j4whhbcxf reach VIP12 level to use it
j7rvp8s3tp reach VIP15 level to use it

I hope you redeem the correct rewards for yourself in the game. But if you are somehow getting an error while entering code awaken your elves, then I recommend you share the problem immediately in the comment box. Also, to clarify more details about this, we are providing more FAQs below.

Awaken Your Elves Game Features

  • Rechargeyour avatar with unique equipments.
  • Join different teams which help you in defeating the opponents.
  • Challenge the game levels and gain more experience.
  • Enjoy the adventure with magical animals.
  • Combat with other server players possible.

FAQ’s About Gift Code Awaken Your Elves

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code awaken your elves

How to redeem code in the Awaken Your Elves?

As a newbie player, you might not know how to redeem the awaken your elves gift codes. So here step by step guide is given by following which you can easily get your free gifts.

  1. In your mobile device, start the game.
  2. Then on screen, you have to click your profile option.
  3. Then click on settings. 
  4. Pop up window appears.
  5. There click on redeem code button.
  6. Copy the code you see in above table, then paste it in the game.
  7. Click OK button to get your free rewards
  8. For all individual codes, you can follow same procedure.

Above mentioned steps will definitely lead you to make a powerful profile avatar by getting free gifts cards in the game.

How to find more awaken your elves gift codes?

The gift codes can be easily found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. But you may need to create individual accounts on them to get the free gifts. Instead, our site will give you codes all in one go. We provide the latest updates daily and even you can subscribe to the bell notification which alerts you when a new code is available for the game.

What are the awaken your elves codes?

Some of the codes for the awaken your elves game are Summon7777, BEFPS9PYSG, T5SN4HARXV. Use them to get exclusive free gifts like gold coins, diamond coins, summon tickets, etc. You can use all of the codes given in the table also to grab free rewards. It’s also important that you redeem the rewards timely as the codes get expired over time. So be sure to make the best use of it.

How to download awaken your elves game?

This game can be easily downloaded using Google Playstore. Open Google Playstore on your android phone, search for awaken your elves game. Click install and it starts downloading. When the installation is finished, you can start playing.

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Thanks for reading the post, my friends. If you have any queries regarding the post, feel free to share it in the comment section. Also to get regular gift codes, keep visiting our site and share with your other friends as well!

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