Shinobi United Survival Codes

Shinobi United Survival Gift Codes, Shinobi United Survival Codes

Friend’s here you will get all the working Shinobi United Survival Codes so that you will get gifts in your game. In this game, you need to forge your ninja squad by matching up heroes with various formations. Experience the classic ultimate just once again in exciting battles!

By using here published Shinobi United Survival Gift Codes you will get exclusive rewards in your game so that you can enjoy your game more and more. Shinobi United: Survival game developer provides working Gift codes for shinobi united survival at the starting of every week. These codes don’t valid for a long period so you need to redeem these codes before it expires.

You will find all the working shinobi united survival redeem codes in the below table. Please copy the codes from the below table and redeem them in your game as we guide below.

Shinobi United Survival Gift Codes

Gift CodesRedeem Rewards
facebook0429You will get free rewards in your game. (NEW)
facebook0415You will get free rewards in your game.
facebook0408Advanced Recruit Ticket x10, Ascension Pill x200, Adventure Refresh Ticket x5, Copper x300K
facebook0325Advanced Recruit Ticketx10, Ninja Gadget Lottery Ticketx10, Ascension Pillx300, Copperx300K
facebook0318Advanced Recruit Ticket*10, Psychic Jade*20, Arena Challenge Ticket5, Copper*300K
facebook0311Advanced Recruit Ticket*10, Ascension Pill*200, Adventure Refresh Ticket*5, Copper*300K
facebook0304Redeem this code to grab Gold388, Ascension Pill200, Adventure Refresh Ticket5, Copper300K
facebook0219Redeem this code for Gold*388, Ascension Pill*200, Adventure Refresh Ticket*5, Copper*300K
facebook0128Redeem this code for Gold*388, Ascension Pill*200, Adventure Refresh Ticket*5 C, opper*300K
facebook0121Redeem this code for Gold*388To, Tonton Ticket*5, Ascension Pill*200, Copper*500K
Ninja666You will get free rewards in your game.
Shinobi777You will get free rewards in your game.
Shinobi United Survival Gift Codes

Shinobi United: Survival Game Features

Thrilling PvP Competitions
Jump into the fray in Cross-Server Ladder, Weekly Championship, and Group Tournament! Challenge opponents and join forces with allies to conquer and dominate!

Utmost Strategic Battles
In a seemingly unsophisticated battle, your strategy is your triumph card. Select formations, utilize ninjas’ strengths, and wield powerful ninja tools to secure your victory!

Enjoy the AFK Rewards
Play for 1 hour every day and get generously rewarded! Gain most of the resources in the game from AFK farming!

FAQs About Shinobi United Survival Redeem Codes

How to redeem code in Shinobi United Survival?

To redeem the shinobi united survival gift codes you need to follow the following steps so that you can grab the free rewards in your game.

Step 1: Please open the game on your device.
Step 2: Tap on the Avtar/Profile button which is in the top left corner.
Step 3: Then click on the system button.
Step 4: Click on the Pack Exchange option.
Step 5: Now enter the correct code in the box.
Step 6: Then click on the Exchange button to grab your rewards.

Where to find more Shinobi United Survival Gift Codes?

You will find all the working Shinobi United Survival codes here on when you visit the site please search Shinobi United Survival in the search box you will get all the posts related to the codes then click on the post and you will find the table about the gift codes for Shinobi United Survival copy that code and redeem it in your game. Also, you can find the codes on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

How to download Shinobi United Survival game?

To download the shinobi united survival game you first visit the google play store on your mobile device. Then search for the shinobi united survival in the search box. You will see the first result of this game. Then click on the game. You will see the new window with the install button. Then click on the Install button. Once you click on it the game will start downloading and will install on the device within a few minutes(depending on the internet speed). Now you will see the open button. Click on the open button and enjoy your game.

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