Cuphead Delicious Last Course (DLC) is Out

The Cuphead DLC was released on Steam on June 30, at 2 pm for UK players. It gives an opportunity to players to test their skills on the exciting new feature

The Ms. Chalice as they take on a variety of brand new bosses, including Glumstone the massive, Esther Winchester, and the two Howling Aces on the inkwell island and blast.

The DLC comes with various new weapons, chams, and weapons that offer a variety of gameplay over the main game.

It's out with new things

The brand new model Ms. Chalice comes with new abilities and upgraded movesets. After players get Ms. Chalice, she can be played on the DLC update in addition to the game's base game.

Ms. Chalice

Ms. Chalice's latest attacks include converge, where a three-way electrical bolt may be shot across all of the screens.

 Also, she can attack using an EX move, or a spiral of cyclones to destroy its enemies with whirlwinds and tornadoes.

The 1.3.2 patch for the Delicious Last Course brings quality of life improvements since it lets you change weapon loadouts from the boss-battle Retry screen, without having to go to your main menu.

DLC retails in the range of PS6.79 as well as $7.99 for all platforms supported by the game, such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch as well as PC

DLC does not come as a separate item, which means that players have to purchase the complete version. The base game is available at the same price for every platform.

The Delicious Last Course appears to be a great supplement to the Cuphead series, with the fans looking forward to overcoming all the huge challenges it throws up.

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